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International Citrus Congress – 2016

Friday, August 12th, 2016 by tamara

The International Citrus Congress(ICC 2016) will be held in Brazil from September 18 to 23. The city of Foz do Iguaçu was chosen for its natural beauty and the Triple Border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The ICC is themed “Sustainable Citrus: the role of applied knowledge”, and it is expected to receive 1,200 participants from over 15 countries. The event will bring together the most respected experts in the citrus area, in order to debate the present and future of citrus production in the world.

The Congress will be a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for scientists, students and citrus producers to interact, through lectures, workshops, scientific sessions and poster sessions. There will be tours to all over the country that will also allow in loco experience, certainly providing a wider picture of citrus production in Brazil.

The International Citrus Congress is held for 43 in different countries, every 4 years. It is the second time it is held in Brazil, the first time was in 1984, in the city of São Paulo. The last congresses were held in the USA (2000), Morocco (20004), China (2008) and Spain (2012).

The ICC 2016 is an event promoted by the International Society of Citriculture (ISC), being organized in Brazil by the two of the most important research institutions in agriculture, science and technology: the Agronomic Institute (IAC), from its Citriculture Center Sylvio Moreira and by the Agronomic Institute of Paraná (IAPAR).

The host city

The city of Foz do Iguaçu is in the west border of Paraná State, and it is the second most visited tourist destination in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro. The city is known for its cultural diversity, and has great hotels, an international airport and several tourist attractions, such as Iguazu Falls, recently elected as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, in Iguazu National Park, where tourists can visit The Bird Park, Itaipu Power Plant, among others. The ICC 2016 will be held in Mabu Thermas & Resort, a surprising resort with thermal waters, spa and haute cuisine, located 10 km away from the Falls.
Is is also close to historic places, like the Jesuit Missions, the ruins of the missions built by Jesuit priests in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.


Since the announcement of Foz do Iguaçu as the host city eight years ago, the local organizers have made efforts to bring the most important experts in the citrus area to this event. Eduardo Fermino, the co-chair for the congress and an IAPAR researcher, explains the selection process:

“While discussing the very details of the event, my team and I started to think about the areas that could be selected from all the diverse fields of world citrus production and research. If on the one hand obvious themes were mentioned, on the other hand immediate connections were made, between Gmitter and genetics, Quaggio and nutrition, for example. We believe we will have the world experts with us, for each theme presented”

The speakers in this event are the top representatives in research, politics and management and will discuss the latest results of research and innovation in different areas of citricuture.

­Alexandra Heinermann
, from SGF, Germany, will be lecturing about the Worlwide Market for Citrus Juices. She is the general Manager of the Quality Juice Foundation and the SGF Service Plus GmBh, a service company for the global fruit juice industry.

­Ali Fares from Prairie View A&M University, in the USA, will share his knowledge on Current Status and Upcoming Challenges for Citrus Water Management in an Every Changing Environment: A Global Overview. He is currently leading the research program of the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS) at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU), and a Professor of Water Security.

­Bryce W. Falk, from the University of California, in the USA, will be lecturing about RNAi-based Strategies Against Insect Vectors of Plant Pathogens. He has been at UC Davis since 1985 and was advanced to Distinguished Professor in 2013. He teaches classes in Plant Pathology, Plant Virology and General Virology. His research deals with plant viruses, insect vectors of plant pathogens and biotechnological applications for plant disease control.

­Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz
, from FAPESP, Reasearch Foundation, in Brazil. He has been a professor at the Unicamp Physics Institute since 1982. Presently is a professor at the Quantum Electronics Department.

­Fred Gmitter, from University of Florida, in the USA, whose lecture will be themed: Citrus Genomics: The Path from the Past to the Superhighway of Future Genetic Improvement. He is a University of Florida (UF) Research Foundation Professor who works in citrus genetics, genomics and breeding at the UF Citrus Research and Education Center, in Lake Alfred, Florida, USA. He was among the first citrus scientists in the world to develop molecular marker-based linkage maps and to identify markers to be used in selection for disease resistance

­Jose Antonio Quaggio, from Agronomic Institute (IAC), in Brazil, will offer his view on Advances on Citrus Nutrition: 30-year of Research in Tropical Conditions. He is a PhD in Soils and Plant Nutrition, and has been at the Agronomic Institute (IAC) since 1978, working with chemistry and fertility of soils and mineral nutrition of plants. Among his achievements, is the development of the IAC Soil Analysis System, based on the ion extraction by resins, in 1983, which is used by more than 150 laboratories in Brazil and others from Latin American countries.
­José R. P. Parra
, from ESALQ / USP, in Brazil, will share his knowledge on Sustainable Pest Control for Citrus Production in Brazil. He was elected Full Member of the Brazilian Academy of Science in 2000 and Full Member of the Academy of Sciences for Developing World (TWAS) in 2002. His fields of expertise are Insect Biology, Nutrition and Biological Control with emphasis on parasitic Hymenoptera. He has over 300 publications and several books in Entomology, Biological Control and Biology.
­Leandro Peña
from Fundecitrus in Brazil and IBMCP in Spain, will give his lecture on Transgenic strategies to control citrus Huanglongbing. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid. Currently he has been working at Fundecitrus (Araraquara, Sao Paulo, Brazil) and at Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Institute (IBMCP) of the CSIC and the Polytechnic University (UPV) in Valencia.

General Information

The Executive Organizing Committee is composed by members of the institutions carrying on the event:

Chair: Dirceu Mattos Jr. (IAC)
Co­chair: Eduardo Fermino Carlos (IAPAR) Treasurer: José Pereira da Silva (IAPAR)

International Citrus Congress ­ ICC 2016 September 18 a 23
Mabu Thermas & Resort Foz do Iguaçu ­ Brazil

website: www.icc2016.com

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