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Persimmon Seeds, Wooly Caterpillars and Spiders…

Friday, December 6th, 2013 by tamara

It looks like the forecasters are right about this year we are going to have weather. Now the question is what kind of weather? I have consulted all my sources from old Indian signs, new modern isobars, gradients and conversion factors and have come up with a few very scientific facts that are totally irrefutable.

You see early in the race to predict weather the old almanac reports that you must look to persimmon seeds for your true outlook. When you cut a persimmon seed into two pieces, the seed will display one of three symbols. A knife shape indicates a cold and cutting winter (wind will cut through you like a knife). A fork shape means a mild winter. A spoon shape stands for a shovel to dig out snow. Now in the forecasting world persimmon seeds took the lead. I did not learn what type persimmons were used but I would think this would hold true with all varieties except those imported form warmer climates.

Now moving right along the second most reported forecaster is the Wooly Caterpillar. Weather folklorists believe the more black hairs a wooly worm has the worse the winter will be. On the other hand if the Wooly Worm has more orange than black the milder the winter will be. I would think that the worm is just like us they either will wear a heavy coat or a windbreaker. One more note keep in mind that the Worm should have both colors not just one.

Some other winter forecasters say that when lots of spiders show up, as well as crickets that not a good thing either. According to folklore. “if spiders spin larger than webs and enter the house in great numbers”. A snowy winter is supposed to be on tap. Early arrival of crickets on the hearth means early winter.

Now having said all this and making light of some of it there are many old signs and signals that we can take from Mother
Nature about the weather and what may be in store. At Mutual we have put together several forecasters that give us information that we will pass along to you when the danger of cold weather is approaching and as in the past the information will be available to you by calling for the latest forecast. Our service right now says like others; that Florida is in a neutral weather pattern this means we right now don’t have the El nino or La nino effect, some of our colder winters have been in neutral years and some have been warm and dry. Who knows we can have the best winter but all it takes is one night. Let’s all just hope and pray that with all the problems we have in the industry we have a good and safe winter.

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